Alerts for the stuff you care about

As journalists, we're spending an awful amount of time reading the news. Going through the papers, our favourite news websites, our Twitter lists, and our RSS feeds, is part of our morning routine. At work, the familiar ticking of wires coming in never stop.s
Some of us now work with data too, considering it a source in itself; a source which can give us tips, leads, and stories, just like our informant working in the Home office.

Problem is: data is hard to consume. It often comes in formats not as easily readable as a block of text or a phone conversation. It is regularly updated, and sometimes, it is a stream of numbers.

Datastringer will help you subscribe to data sources, and will notify you when patterns arise or thresholds are broken.
Just like your local correspondent will give you a call when there's a story to write.

Don't know how to code?

That's fine.
The whole point of Datastringer is to provide you with re-usable tools written in Javascript and Node.js that you will partly configure through a graphical interface.

Even though some skills in Javascript would be helpful to configure your alerts according to your needs, you will not have to go through esoteric sysadmin procedures. We tried to keep the product as simple as possible.

If you need support, give us a shout.

Get started: install Datastringer

The code is available on Github, and that's where you should start.
Just clone the repo and run the installation script located at root. You only have to do that once:

$ git clone
$ cd datastringer
$ ./
Then configure the whole shebang by running
node wizard.js
and pointing your favourite browser to http://localhost:3000/. It will take you through the config wizard and help you set up your first data sources.